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: Un’idea per i regali aziendali? La pelletteria di lusso, innovativa e moderna, la trovi da Lucrin! Dalla cintura alla custodia per iPad, sei tu che scegli la pelle, la forma, il colore… e puoi persino far incidere il tuo nome. ..., le site portafogli commun à : pelletteria uomo, ......http://www.lucrin.it/ , In other languages : .

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leather desk pad


Leather - reassuringly stylish in a world of change. We all love to splash out on leather, and if budgets are tight, there are plenty of quality leather items that won't break the bank. Lucrin markets a range of luxury leather goods that will be right up the street of anyone who appreciates excellence.Leather may be often associated with more traditional tastes, but it can move with the times too. Our leather cases for iphones offer proof positive of this.The selection of colours available is anything but hidebound by tradition, with metallic silver, turquoise and fuchsia to name just a few. Other perennial favourites include the leather desk pad, passport holders and a selection of travel bags.

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